Customizing MZ-Tools

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You can customize most features of MZ-Tools 8.0 to meet your needs. There are two categories of options: Personal Options and Team Options:

  • Personal Options: this category provides options not shared with other members of the team, because they are mainly personal preferences and not team standards. The customization for each feature is saved in a file which is located by default in the "PersonalOptions" subfolder of the installation folder. You can change the location of the Personal Options using the Change... button at the bottom of the Personal Options tab:


  • Team Options: this category provides options shared with other members of the team. Typically these team options are set or changed only by a team leader, who sets the file in read-only state after the changes. It is also recommended that you deny write permission in the shared folder to all the team members except the leader, so they can not change the read-only flag of the file. Although by default after installation the Team Options are saved in files in the TeamOptions subfolder of the installation folder, you should change this location to some shared network folder using the Change... button at the bottom of the Team Options tab:


If you are a standalone developer, you can store both the personal options and the team options in subfolders of the local folder that cloud storage providers (Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) create when you install their client applications for Windows:


With this approach, you can keep your options synchronized between several of your computers. Even if you have only one computer, you get a backup of your options on the cloud.